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4.2 Long-Term Shutdown. Long-term shutdown procedures require extensive
disassembly. Consult the manufacturer for complete details for specific
compressors.  In the absence of specific procedures, use the following
procedures where applicable.
(a) Centrifugal Compressors. Proceed as follows:
(1) Shutdown system as described in paragraph 4.1.
(2) Open the compressor case, remove intercoolers, diffusers,
diffuser covers, rotors, bearings, and drain traps.
(3) Remove the plain and thrust bearings.
(4) Blow dry air through the water manifolds, including the oil
coolers. Spread vapor phase inhibitor (VPI) crystals in the cooling water
(5) Identify each rotor and impeller if applicable. Coat each rotor
component with a rust inhibitor and pack securely in a carton.
(6) Wipe and dry all unprotected internal machined surfaces. Coat
all surfaces with a rust inhibitor, including diffuser and intercooler bores.
(7) Thoroughly dry the intercoolers and reinstall them.
(8) Reinstall diffuser covers, diffusers, and intercoolers.
Distribute VPI crystals throughout and close the machine.
(9) All openings must be adequately sealed with gasketed flanges,
plugs, or poly wraps to prevent loss of VPI vapors, including the seal air
casing vents and drains.
(10) Remove the reservoir breather and seal the opening. Coat the
exposed portion of the shaft and coupling hub with preservative.
(11) Remove inlet and bypass control valves and the check valve.
Clean, dry, and box.
(12) Remove all probes and cables and box adequately.
(13) Replace thrust bearing and covers and close up ALL openings
using pipe plugs or blank flanges with gasket.
(14) Seal the bottom of the control cabinet if it is of the open
(15) Coat main drive coupling spacer with preservative and pack in
separate box.
(16) Coat all external machined unpainted surfaces with preservative.


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