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Never operate compressor in the critical speed range (insufficient
volume at the compressor inlet to permit stable operation); surging
or pumping will occur. Operation under these conditions may result
in equipment damage.
(f) Start compressor drive motor as follows, depending on type:
(1) Single Speed Motor.  Start and stop the motor quickly and allow
the compressor to coast to a stop.  Check for freedom of rotation and any
unusual noise or vibration. If unit runs smoothly, start the motor and bring
up to speed.
(2) Variable Speed Motor.  Start the motor and bring it slowly up
to speed, observing the operation carefully for unusual noise or vibration.
3 NORMAL OPERATION. While the system is operating, perform the following
(a) Check and record operational data at prescribed intervals
(paragraph 5).
(b) Watch for irregular performance of the compressor and drive.
(c) Maintain proper lubricating oil levels.
4.1 Short-Term Shutdown. Proceed as follows:
To avoid damage to equipment, after shutting down the drive, keep
auxiliary lubricating oil pump operating until bearings have cooled
to ambient temperatures.
(a) Shut down compressor drive.
(b) Close suction and discharge valves.
(c) Shut off cooling water supply.
(d) Shut off seal air, if provided.
(e) Open compressor drain valves and drain off any liquid present.
(f) Shut off lube oil pump after bearings have cooled to ambient


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