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Section 2. SILENCERS
1 DESCRIPTION.  Compressor system silencers are sound-absorbing accessories
attached to the system at the intake and output of the compressor.  The
silencers absorb noise produced by the compressor in order to reduce the noise
output to an acceptable level.  In general, air noise silencers are
cylindrical housings containing acoustically tuned baffles and sound-absorbing
material (figure 4-2).
2 INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE. At intervals prescribed by the manufacturer's
maintenance schedule, inspect and perform maintenance on the silencer as
(a) Shut down system and tag controls.
(b) Inspect internal parts for damage or loosening from corrosion or
(c) Inspect interior of silencer and, if dirt is present, clean as
(1) Remove silencer from intake system and look for sources of dirt
entry into silencer.
FIGURE 4-2. Compressor Intake Silencer


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