Quantcast Section 4. Separators

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1 DESCRIPTION.  Separators are used on compressor installations to remove
entrained water and oil from the compressed air.  Figure 4-5 shows a
centrifugal type moisture separator where air is directed into the unit so
that it obtains a swirling motion.  Centrifugal action forces the moisture
particles against the wall of the separator where they drain to the bottom.
In the baffle type separator (figure 4-6) the air is subjected to a series of
sudden changes in direction. The heavier moisture particles strike the
baffles and walls of the separator and drain to the bottom of the unit.
2 OPERATION.  Drain separators regularly if automatic drainers are not
provided.  Frequency of draining is best determined by experience with the
installation.  Improperly drained separators result in moisture carryover into
the air distribution system.
3 PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE INSPECTION. Inspect the separator at periodic
maintenance intervals for the following conditions:
(a) Externally for rust, corrosion and peeling paint
(b) Internally for corrosion and accumulations of dirt and oil
(c) Gaskets for damage
FIGURE 4-5. Centrifugal Type Separator


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