Quantcast Section 6. Air Receivers

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1 DESCRIPTION. Air receivers (figure 4-8) serve as reservoirs for the
storage of compressed air so that air is available to meet peak demands in
excess of the compressor capacity. They also function as pulsation dampers on
reciprocating compressor installations. Air receivers are usually vertically
mounted, but may be horizontal in the smaller sizes.  Receivers are furnished
with a relief valve, pressure gauge, drain valve, and inspection openings.
2 NORMAL OPERATION. Drain receivers of accumulated condensate at least once
each shift if an automatic drainer is not provided.
3.1 Daily Inspection. Check automatic drainer for proper operation, if one
is provided.
3.2 Periodic Inspection. Proceed as follows at intervals prescribed by the
manufacturer's maintenance schedule.
(a) Check operation of safety valve.
(b) Examine receiver for corrosion and peeling paint.
(c) Inspect the receiver internally for corrosion and dirt accumulation.
(d) Refer to NAVFAC MO-324, Inspection and Certification of Boilers and
Unfired Pressure Vessels.
FIGURE 4-8. Air Receiver


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