Quantcast Control System Components

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6.1 Daily Inspection. Inspect the control system daily for proper operation.
6.2 Periodic Inspection. At intervals prescribed by the manufacturer's
maintenance schedule, thoroughly inspect the control system for corrosion,
wear, and dirt.  Check all governor linkages, mechanisms, springs, and pins
for mechanical defects and wear. Examine governor valves for erosion,
corrosion, proper seating, and condition of packing and diaphragms.
Inspection procedures for electrical control components are contained in
NAVFAC MO-205, Central Heating and Steam Electric Generating Plants.
7.1 Lubrication System. Prepare a lubrication schedule for all prime mover
controls requiring periodic lubrication. Consult the manufacturer's
instructions for frequency and type of lubricant.
Do not use gasoline, kerosene, or other low flashpoint solvents. A
serious explosion may result.
7.2 Cleaning.  In accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance schedule,
thoroughly clean all control components. Clean all sludge and accumulations
from hydraulic systems with an approved solvent. Thoroughly flush out all
control lines and refill system with clean hydraulic fluid.
7.3 Control System Components. Repair or replace defective control system
components. Establish a preventive maintenance inspection schedule for all
components of the control system. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for
maintenance procedures. Perform the following maintenance.
(a) Replace defective diaphragms, bellows, and gaskets.
(b) Carefully inspect, clean, and test governor valves. Repair or
replace faulty parts.
(c) Repair or replace defective chains and sprockets.
(d) Replace badly worn linkage pins and bushings.
(e) Repair all leaks.
(f) Repaint piping as required.
(g) Refer to NAVFAC MO-205, Central Heating and Steam Electric
Generating Plants for maintenance instructions on electrical control


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