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1.4 Reciprocating Engine Drives. Industrial type gas, gasoline, and diesel
engines are used to drive compressors by direct connection or V-belt drives.
Gasoline engines are available in either 4- or 2-cycle models. These
reciprocating engines can be throttled and possess a minimum speed range of
approximately 50 to 60 percent of the rated revolutions per minute (rpm).
2.1 Prestart Inspection. Carefully inspect the prime mover control system to
ensure that the following prestart requirements are fulfilled.
(a) All installation or repair work has been completed.
(b) System has been cleaned and tested for leaks.
The operator must have a thorough understanding of the control
system and its operation.
(c) Manufacturer's instructions and diagrams are available.
(d) All controllers are lubricated.
(e) All piping and tubing are clean and reservoirs of hydraulic
governors or couplings are filled.
(f) Correct electric power supply is available for electric controls.
2.2 Startup Procedure. Proceed as follows:
(a) Place prime mover controls in operation in accordance with the
manufacturer's instructions.
(b) Make any required adjustments to obtain desired compressor delivery
or discharge pressure.
3 NORMAL OPERATION.  Adjust controls to regulate compressor output. Check
liquid levels in hydraulic systems at intervals prescribed by the
manufacturer's maintenance schedule.
4 SHUTDOWN.  When a prime mover control is to be taken out of service for
repairs, carefully inspect and observe the operation of the control and list
all necessary repair work. Switch the compressor to manual control, if
possible; tag the system; and remove the control from service in accordance
with the manufacturer's instructions.
5 OPERATIONAL PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. Report immediately to the supervisor
any malfunctioning of the prime mover control system. Where required,
maintain correct hydraulic fluid levels in reservoirs. Keep all electrical
contact surfaces of components, such as rheostats, clean at all times and
lightly greased, if required.


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