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2.1 Prestart Inspection.  Carefully inspect the control system installation
to ensure that the following prestart requirements are fulfilled.
(a) All installation or repair work has been completed.
(b) System has been cleaned and tested for leaks.
The operator must have a thorough understanding of the control
system and its operation.
(c) Manufacturer's instructions and control piping and wiring diagrams
are available.
(d) Correct electric power is available for operation of electrical
(e) All piping and tubing are blown out clean.
(f) All control components are installed, tested, and adjusted in
accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
2.2 Startup Procedure. Proceed as follows:
(a) Set unloading device to unload position before placing the
compressor in operation.
(b) Place the compressor in service per manufacturer's instructions or
as given in chapters 2 and 3.
(c) Place the control system in service following the procedures
outlined in the manufacturer's instruction manual.
3 NORMAL OPERATION. Adjust the control system to obtain system pressure or
compressor capacity. Drain condensate from moisture separators and strainers
once each shift.
4 SHUTDOWN. If the compressor control system is to be taken out of service
for repairs, carefully inspect the installation, observe the operation, tag
the system, and list all necessary repairs. Transfer the compressor to manual
control, if possible, and remove the controller from service.
5 OPERATIONAL PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. Report immediately to the supervisor
any malfunction in the control system or components.  Thoroughly drain all
moisture from pneumatic control line separators at least once each shift.
6.1 Daily.  Inspect the compressor control system for operation of all
control components.


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