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Appendices provide information on:
landfill permit requirements
solid waste management contracts
regional U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offices
state solid waste agencies
organizations involved in recycling
estimation of waste generation rates.
A list of acronyms, a glossary, and a subject index are also included.
1.2  PURPOSE.  The purpose of the document is to provide technical
information for personnel responsible for managing solid waste on military
installations in the United States.  Installations outside of the United
States must abide by technical standards and practices of the host
jurisdiction to ensure that environmental protection requirements are
fulfilled.  These requirements are set forth in status of forces agreements,
treaties, and executive orders pertaining to U.S. activities overseas.  Good
sanitation practices are necessary at all locations regardless of regulatory
1.3.1  Management and technical procedures are presented as guides that
will ensure:
conservation of resources
protection of the environment
systematic collection of solid wastes
efficient operation of disposal systems
minimum expenditure of funds, personnel, equipment, and materials
compliance with applicable regulations.
1.3.2  The sections discussing legal issues are guidelines only and based
on interpretation of regulatory requirements.  They are not intended to be
legal advice.


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