Quantcast Figure 4-2-7G Use of Impermeable Liners to Control Movement of Gas and Leachate

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Custom Search The long-term maintenance of a closed landfill site will be
a function of the ultimate site use.  Many current landfills have gas and
leachate collection systems that will require continuous attention after
closure.  Groundwater monitoring devices may also be incorporated into the
design to check the performance of the leachate control system.  Other site
features that will require a degree of attention on a continuing basis are
drainage control structures and erosion control features. Methane gas control systems may be either active or
passive.  Passive systems allow the gas to escape to the atmosphere by natural
means.  The blower and pumps in the active system require periodic
maintenance. In addition, the withdrawal pipes and collection lines may need
condensate removed and repairs of damage caused by differential settling. Leachate collection systems installed at landfills will
require continuous attention once the landfill is closed.  The leachate
collection system must be maintained to ensure effective operation.  This work
may include annual leachate collection pipe cleaning, collection tank
cleaning, and inspection and pump cleaning and repairs.  Collected leachate
needs to be disposed of in the appropriate manner.  Failure to withdraw
leachate could allow it to seep out of the side of the landfill and possibly
contaminate groundwater.  Records shall be maintained that show the quantity
of leachate removed.  The leachate quantity will vary with the season of the
year and shall be carefully monitored, possibly with automated signaling
devices to ensure that it is being properly removed.  The duration over which
this must be practiced is somewhat uncertain.  Regulations require that many


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