Quantcast Table 4-2-7D Site Closure Checklist

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TABLE 4-2-7D
Site Closure Checklist
Identify final site topographic plan.
Prepare site drainage plan.
Specify source of cover material.
Prepare vegetative cover and landscaping plan.
Identify closing sequence for phase operations.
Specify engineering procedures for the development of onsite structures.
Annotate base maps showing landfill area, time period, and source for further
Six Months Before Closure
Review closure plan for completeness.
Schedule closing date.
Prepare final timetable for closure procedures.
Notify appropriate regulatory agency.
Notify site users by letter if they are municipalities or contract haulers,
and by published announcement if private dumping is allowed.
At Closure
Erect fences or appropriate structures to limit access.
Post signs indicating site closure and alternative disposal sites.
Collect any litter or debris and place in final cell for covering.
Place cover over any exposed refuse.
Three Months After Closure
Complete needed drainage control features or structures.
Complete, as required, gas collection or venting system, leachate containment
facilities, and gas or groundwater monitoring devices.
Install settlement plates of other devices for detecting subsidence.
Place required thickness of earth cover over landfill.
Establish vegetative cover.


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