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includes same in NAF Income and Expense Budget in accordance with SSOI
176-3.  If appropriated fund personnel are used, the manpower
requirements will be identified by the RRRP manager and authorizations
listed in the Unit Manpower Document.
Operational Checklist.  Several approval requirements are
necessary to officially establish and operate an RRRP.  A checklist follows:
Has a Qualifying Recycling Program been established?
If appropriated fund personnel (military or civilian) are used to
operate and/or manage the RRRP, is the proper account being repaid out
of RRRP profits?
If MWR is selected to run the RRRP, have they been identified in
writing as the Office of Operating Responsibility (OOR) for the base?
Has the appropriate personnel been appointed as the operational
manager of the RRRP?
Has an operating instruction been established to cover the RRRP
Are proceeds from sale of recyclable material deposited into the
finance office?
Are accounting procedures being properly administered for RRRP funds?
Are DD Form 1348's being properly documented so the funds from sale of
recyclable material are deposited to the base budget clearing account?
Strategies for Success.  Generally, successful recycling programs
will begin based on one or two profitable commodities.  Then, as organizational
and operational details get worked out, the program expands to include others.
To be successful, any recycling program needs the attention of the base
commander, at least initially.  The programs require widespread publicity and
support.  Base newspapers and bulletins are essential media for publicizing the
programs.  Some lessons learned from successful service programs are listed
The key to a successful recycling program is education.  People need
to be convinced of the merits of the idea and must see some reward
before they will participate.  New family housing orientation sessions
shall stress recycling.  Contests with monetary rewards for the best
participating unit generate and sustain interest in recycling.
Education should really begin at the grade school level so people are
conditioned at an early age to appreciate the merits of recycling.
The recycling efforts should receive frequent publicity in the post's
newspaper and through bulletin notices.


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