Quantcast Scrap Wood -Cont.

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(4) Laborers will operate the wood grinder according to
Engineering Operating Procedures and existing safety
regulations.  Laborers must disassemble, cut, or otherwise
break up usable scrap into sections conforming to the wood
grinder specifications.
(5) Work Leader, or assigned MVO, will operate front-end loader,
fork lift or other equipment, as needed, to assist laborers
at the wood grinder.
(6) Wood grinder operators are responsible for daily maintenance
check and continual observation of grinder operation to
ensure that mechanical failures due to improper operation
are avoided, thus minimizing equipment breakdown time.
Operators will continually check metal separator for
blockage or wood chip buildup.
Operators will ensure that all wood fed into the
grinder is free of any metal contamination other than
nails, screws, and bolts less than 114 in. in diameter.
Operators will report any problems, breakdowns,
excessive reversal time, blockages, jam-ups or other
mechanical difficulty to the local RRRP manager.
(7) No RRRP employee is to climb the conveyor belt or enter into
the feed hopper of the wood grinder without expressed
permission of the local RRRP manager and only when all power
to the grinder has been disconnected and at least one other
employee is on hand.
(8) Grinder operators are responsible for routine maintenance,
such as greasing the grinder assembly and tightening or
replacing drive belts.
(9) Operators are to maintain wood chip scrap in a controlled
and neatly stacked manner to prevent chips from being spread
throughout work area.  All chips ground for resale on term
contract are to be ground into the contractor's conveyance
according to current contract obligations.
Operators will clean and sweep the work area daily and
dispose of any trash or debris in an approved trash
Laborers are responsible for the maintenance of all tools
and equipment and are to return all tools and equipment
daily to the tool box or tool storage area located at the
Personnel:  Manpower requirements are listed on the current Position
Authorization Listing (PAL) on file at Naval Air Facility (NAF)
Personnel.  The RRRP manager determines manpower requirements and


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