Quantcast Table 4-4A Designation of Infectious Waste

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Designation of Infectious Waste
Waste Category
! refer to Centers for Disease Control (CDC),
Isolation wastes
Guidelines for Isolation Precautions in Hospitals,
July 1983
! specimens from medical and pathology laboratories
Cultures and stocks of
infectious agents and
! cultures and stocks of infectious agents from
associated biologicals
clinical, research, and industrial laboratories;
disposable culture dishes, and devices used to
transfer, inoculate, and mix cultures
! wastes from production of biologicals
! discarded live and attenuated vaccines
! waste blood, serum, plasma, and blood products
Human blood and blood
! tissues, organs, body parts, blood, and body fluids
Pathological waste
removed during surgery, autopsy, and biopsy
! contaminated hypodermic needles, syringes, scalpel
Contaminated sharps
blades, Pasteur pipettes, and broken glass
! contaminated animal carcasses, body parts, and
Contaminated animal
bedding of animals that were intentionally exposed
carcasses, body parts, and
to pathogens
! soiled dressings, sponges, drapes, lavage tubes,
Wastes from surgery and
drainage sets, underpads, and surgical gloves
! specimen containers, slides, and cover slips;
Miscellaneous laboratory
disposable gloves, lab coats, and aprons
! tubing, filters, disposable sheets, towels, gloves,
Dialysis unit wastes
aprons, and lab coats
! equipment used in patient care, medical
Contaminated equipment
laboratories, research, and in the production and
testing of certain pharmaceuticals


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