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(f) A series of phasing plan sheets showing the progression of
site development through time.  At a minimum a separate plan
shall be approved for initial site preparations and each
subsequent major phase of filling on site for operation
through closure.
It shall indicate all items and quantities necessary to
prepare each phase indicated.
(g) A site monitoring plan sheet showing the location of all
devices for the monitoring of leachate production, ground-
water quality and gas production and venting.  This plan
shall include a table indicating the parameters to be
monitored for and frequency of monitoring before and during
site development.  This separate plan sheet is required only
for sites with a design capacity of more than 3 acres.
Smaller projects may display this information on other plan
sheets for submittal.
(h) A long-term care plan sheet showing the site at the comple-
tion of closing and indicating those items anticipated to be
performed during the period of long-term care for the site.
The plan shall include a table listing the items and the
anticipated schedule for monitoring and maintenance. In many
instances this information can be presented on the final site
topography sheet.
(i) When applicable, the following information shall be presented
on the plans sheet(s).
All information required for the existing site conditions
map as described in Section 4.1.A.C., unless including
this information leads to confusion with the data
intended for display.
A survey grid with base lines and monuments to be used
for field control.
Limits of filling each major waste type of fill area.
All drainage patterns and surface water drainage control
structures both within the actual fill area and at the
site parameter.  Such structures may include berms,
ditches, sedimentation basins, pumps, sumps, culverts,
pipes, inlets, velocity breaks, sodding, erosion matting,
or other methods of erosion control.
The direction and sequence of filling within each phase.
Bound surface contours at the time represented by the
drawing.  Spot elevations shall be indicated for key


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