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necessary, operator demonstrations of proficiency and training
will be performed under the supervision of the contracting
officer's representative.  The contractor will provide a
qualified instructor when deemed necessary by the contracting
(5) Substitute Equipment.  The contractor will provide
substitute equipment, if necessary, to maintain schedules in
the event government-furnished equipment is out of service
due to breakdown or other causes.
Contractor-Furnished Equipment
(1) Furnish All Necessary Equipment.  The contractor will
provide all necessary equipment (except government-furnished
equipment) required for performing the contract.
(2) Safety and Noise Prevention.  All of the contractor's
equipment will be equipped with proper safety and noise-
limiting devices and will be in safe operating condition.
(3) Qualified Operators Required.  Only qualified operators will
be permitted to operate equipment.  When necessary, operator
training will be performed in an area approved by the
contracting officer.
Government-Furnished Materials and Supplies.
(Use as applicable.)
(1) Items to be Furnished.  The following materials and supplies
to accomplish this contract will be furnished to the
contractor at no cost.  (List materials and supplies.)
(2) Requests for Materials and Supplies.  The contractor will
notify the contracting officer 48 hours in advance of his
requirement for materials and supplies.  Items will be
picked up by the contractor at (give location, building
number, or area).
(3) Lost or Damaged Items.  Any items (as mentioned in the
preceding paragraph) that are lost or damaged in service
will be replaced by the contractor at contractor expense.
i.  Applicable Publications, Laws, and Regulations.  Unless specifically
exempted by these specifications and drawings, all work accomplished under
this contract will conform to the requirements of all applicable Federal,
state, and local regulations pertaining to environmental protection and
occupational safety and health, and to the procedures and safety requirements
at each installation.
j.  Inspection.  All work performed, the methods and manner of perform-
ance, all areas assigned for use by the contractor, and all equipment,
materials, and supplies used for the work will be subject to inspection at any
and all times by the contracting officer's authorized representatives.


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