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b.  Description of Work.  The work covered by these specifications
consists of furnishing all necessary equipment. labor, supervision, and
materials for performing all operations necessary for the collection,
transportation, and disposal of all refuse specified in this contract,
complete and in accordance with these specifications and subject to the terms
and conditions of the contract.  Drawings (or plans) number **** through ****
show the work areas and details, where applicable, of the work to be
c.  Location.  This contract is to be performed at (Installation) in
areas shown on the plot plan included in the above drawings.
d.  Performance of Work.  These specifications and the accompanying plans
herein state and show the work to be performed under this contract. Refuse
collection and disposal will be conducted in conformity with applicable
regulations to contribute maximum satisfaction protection of property.
e.  Supervision.  The contractor will provide competent supervision at
all times when work is in progress.  The contractor is responsible for
scheduling and coordinating various trade activities.  He is also responsible
for assuring that all work accomplished and materials used are in accordance
with the plans and specifications.
Government-Furnished Equipment.
(Use where applicable.)
(1) Items to be Furnished.  The following items of government-
furnished equipment will be made available for the contractor's
use during the period of this contract.  (List items to be
(2) Inspection and Receipt Required.  The contractor will sign a
receipt for each item of equipment.  He must inspect each item
at the time of acceptance and make notation of discrepancies on
the receipt; otherwise, the contractor's signature on the
receipt will indicate that the equipment is in a fully
acceptable condition.  Within five days after completing the
work under this contract, the contractor will return the
equipment to the installation in a condition equivalent to that
at the time of acceptance, except for normal wear and usage.
(3) The contractor will supply all fuel, lubricants, and spare
parts, and provide repair and maintenance necessary to keep
equipment in condition acceptable to the contracting officer.
Repair and maintenance will be performed only by qualified
mechanics of journeyman level, except for day-to-day operator-
type maintenance, which may be performed by the operators.
Fuel, lubricants, and spare parts used on equipment will meet
the standards established by the manufacturer of the equipment.
No modification, changes, or substitution of parts will be
permitted without written approval of the contracting officer.
(4) Qualified Operators Required.  Only qualified operators, as
determined by the installation contracting officer, will be
permitted to operate government-furnished equipment.  When


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