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Trucks, including the bodies, used for hauling refuse shall be cleaned
at least once per week, or more frequently, to maintain a clean condition and
to prevent the propagation or attraction of vectors.
Cleaning operations shall be performed to prevent the contamination of
the surrounding area or result in environmental pollution.
The contractor shall leave the washrack area clean, free of debris, and
clear of any blockage at the end of the day's operation.
Apparent Serviceable Material
The contractor shall not dispose of any material which has an obvious
value and appears to have been inadvertently placed near the collection point
unless such material is designated as refuse by the COR.
The contractor shall dispose of all refuse at the Sanitary Landfill. The
contractor shall place the refuse at locations directed by the Government.
The contractor shall cooperate with the Government to obtain maximum benefit
for the facility.
Reports and Records
The contractor shall maintain daily records of the routes covered by
each truck, locations on scheduled routes which were skipped, reason for
failure to make collection, number of trips by each truck, and weight of
refuse delivered to the Sanitary Fill.  The daily records shall be submitted
weekly to the authorized representative from the Directorate of Engineering
and Housing.  Each load delivered to the Sanitary Fill by the contractor shall
be verified by reporting to the Dumpmaster Office at the time of delivery.
Forms shall be furnished by the Contracting Officer.
The contractor shall deliver to the Inspection Branch, two (2) copies of
a properly filled out Daily Contract Inspection Report for each day worked.
Daily reports shall be delivered to the Contract Inspection Branch once a week
at no later than 0815 hours on the first working day of the week for the
previous week.  Blank forms will be provided to the contractor by the
Contracting Officer.
Invoices.  In addition to all other requirements for invoices, two (2)
copies of every invoice shall be forwarded to the Contract Inspection Branch.
Failure to do so may result in delays in acceptance and payments.
The contractor shall not drive on the grass, sidewalk, and/or dirt
walking trails for any reason in the family housing areas.
The contractor or his employees shall not contact the occupants
regarding refuse collection problems.  The contractor shall report problems of
any kind to the Contracting Officer or his designated representative.


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