Quantcast Socket-Connected S-Type Meters

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To install the S-type meter, perform Socket-Connected S-Type Meters.
the following procedures:
(a) Meter should be installed plumb and in a location that is free of
heavy vibration.
(b) Make sure that meter socket is mounted securely in place and in a
position that the rotor shaft will be vertical when meter is mounted.
(c) TO ground meter frame and surge protectors (if present), good contact
between ground straps and socket rim must be ensured. To ensure good ground,
scrape off any paint between straps and socket rim at points of contact before
fastening them together.
(d) Make connections to socket terminals per manufacturer's
instructions.  For connections of pulse initiators, consult manufacturer's
instructions for the particular type of device being operated.
(e) Plug meter into socket.  Make sure meter terminal blades engage with
socket jaws.  To ensure connection of meter to its load circuit before line
voltage is applied, always insert meter load (bottom) terminal blades into
socket jaws first; when removing, withdraw them last.
(f) Push meter into place so that the base fits tightly against socket
rim. If sealing rim is used, place it around adjoining meter cover and socket
rim. Position rim so that clamp is at bottom.
(g) Seal or latch rim as required.
(h) For connections of pulse initiators, refer to manufacturer's
instructions for particular type of end device being operated by the pulse
initiator. Bottom-Connected A-Type Meters.  These meters have mounting and
terminal chamber dimensions that conform to industry standards.  Therefore,
mounts for bottom-connected A-type meters are interchangeable with all brands
of A-type meters.  To install an A-type meter, proceed as follows:
(a) Locate mounting holes in mounting base of meter.
(b) Obtain necessary type and size q ounting screws suggested by meter
(c) Mount meter base in desired position.
(d) Meter base should be grounded. Use number 12 AWG copper wire for
grounding purposes.  Complete grounding process before external connections
are made to meter.


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