Quantcast Pest Elimination or Pest Extermination

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A maximum amount of pesticides are
Complete extermination is often
usually  used;  potential misuse,
misapplication, and the possibility of
assumed (mistakenly) by clients.
Clients are quick to anger if the
pesticide accidents are increased.
problem recurs.
High pesticide and labor costs are
Without a detailed inspection, failure is
Unexpected results are quickly noticed
and questioned,
Pesticides are often used as barriers if
pests are not found.
The energy required to completely
This style is less economical than
eliminate a pest population is much
scheduled, route-type responses.
greater than that required to keep a pest
population suppressed to a tolerable
Records are brief.
A higher level of technical expertise as well as
A high level of technical expertise is needed as
better ability to interact with clients is needed than for
well as superior ability of the pest control supervisor
preventive pest control. A quality control program will
to get client cooperation.
reinforce technician recommendations.
Integrated Pest Management
Pest Elimination or Pest Extermination
A pest management program is requested by the
A senior technician, usually a supervisor,
client; a pest management or pest control supervisor
responds to an appointment, and
makes a thorough inspection; and a detailed plan and
interacts with clients
makes an intensive inspection
schedule are provided that include:
the designation of zones of probable
recommends methods to reduce pest
infestation and sites of pest infestation
food, water and harborage, such as
within the zones
sanitation, maintenance improvements,
recommendations for sanitation,
habitat alteration, etc.
maintenance  improvements,  habitat
applies pesticides in a variety of
formulations each time
alteration, reduction of moisture, work
follows-up inspections, and
procedure changes, safe practices,
records information on past inspection
methods of application, etc.
and recommendations as well as
Finally, pest management components are
information required by law.
considered and integrated into the pest management
plan (see below).
The client has a good understanding of
the problem and the changes needed for
Long-term pest control procedures are
control due to significant interaction
with the pest control supervisor.
Client management is involved.
The pest control supervisor interacts
Costs are reduced over time.
directly with clients.
A reduction of pesticide use (e.g.
Longer-lasting control results from
elimination of preventive spraying) is
changes made by the client.
Thorough pesticide application occurs.
A low-toxicity pesticide response is
There is a high level of interest by
Not every company or agency has the
Mistakes in inspection and
expertise to provide pest management
recommendations to  c l i e n t s , o r
subsequent lack of follow-through by
There is a labor-intensive start-up
clients will result in control failure.
Mgt & Ctrl, Chapter 1, Pg 3


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