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populations are called a community. The community
The Way to Prevent Resistance
along with biological (pest food, hosts, prey plants,
Use of a multicomponent approach such as
etc.) and physical (hiding places, temperature,
integrated pest management prevents resistance that
humidity) supporting factors are the components of an
occurs when a single pesticide is consistently applied.
ecosystem -- a basic, selfsustaining natural unit. Pest
When pesticides alone are used in a routine way for
control takes place within this unit; to be effective it
pest control, the pest population rebuilds between
acts on the parts of the ecosystem.
treatments. With repeated applications after population
Pest control styles are set up to prevent, react to,
recovery, the more succeptable individuals are killed
eliminate, or manage pests. Each style has advantages
and those that are less succeptable become the parents
and disadvantages; the most complete style is pest
of the next generation. Alternating pesticides with
management which involves the coordination of many
different modes of action (e.g., organophosphates and
elements depends on the nature of the infested site.
pyrethriods) can also be helpful.
Since pests are not evenly distributed in an
ecosystem, an inspection is needed to locate them. To
manage pests, the supporting factors of their
population need to be identified and altered. When
alteration alone is not sufficient, pesticides can be used
Pests are unwanted organisms -- unwanted
to reduce the pest population to a tolerable level [this
because their activities run counter to those of the
level may be zero].
Finally, an evaluation or follow-up assessment
people living in the same ecosystem. This ecosystem
is made up of a number of animal populations -- two
makes the control effort last longer and tells the pest
of which are pests and humans. Together, these
control technician how well the job was done.
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