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Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) to manage its mandate.
restricted use for any purpose on any property other
FIFRA was enacted in 1947, replacing the Federal
than those listed for private applicators.
Insecticide Act of 1910, and has been amended several
The most important amendment to FIFRA is
Federal standards identify specific commercial
called the Federal Environmental Pesticide Control
pest control categories. State certification standards
Act (FEPCA) of 1972. This amendment shifted the
must meet federal standards, but they can be more
emphasis from pest control regulations to the role of
stringent to meet needs of the state. Commercial
protecting the public health and the environment.
applicators in some states may apply for certification
FIFRA governs the registration of pesticide
in any or all of the categories, but they may practice
products. No pesticide may be marketed in the United
only in categories for which they are certified.
States until the EPA reviews an application for
1.  Agricultural Pest Control
registration, approves each use, and assigns a product
2.  Forest Pest Conto1
registration number. Pesticides must demonstrate that
3 .  Ornamental and Turf Pest Control
their use will not result in unreasonable adverse effect
4. Commercial Seed Treatment
to human health. In other words, FIFRA balances a
5.  Aquatic Pest Control
pesticide's risk with its benefit to society. [Risk is
6.  Right-of-Way Pest Control
defined by EPA as the probability that a pesticide will
7.  Industrial, Institutional Structural and Health
have an adverse effect.]
Related Pest Control
In summary, FIFRA is the law; it requires that
This category deals with urban pest management
EPA register all pesticides as well as
and control. It includes pesticide application in, on, or
each use of that pesticide and approves
around food handling establishments, homes, schools,
the product label
hospitals, other public institutions, warehouses, grain
pesticides be categorized either as
elevators, other industrial buildings, areas near these
general use pesticides or restricted use
buildings  and around stored,  processed, or
pesticides, and
manufactured products.
users of restricted use pesticides be
8.  Public Health Pest Control
certified or under the direct supervision
9.  Regulatory Pest Control
of certified applicators.
10. Demonstration and Research Pest Control
11. Aerial Pest Control
FIFRA also
establishes tolerances for residues that
may remain  o n r a w  agricultural
products or in processed food
provides penalties for "use inconsistent
The United States Congress established the
with the labeling" of a pesticide
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970 and
makes it illegal to store or dispose of
required that the agency regulate pesticides. The EPA
pesticides or containers other than as
sets standards for pesticide registration, handling, and
directed by regulations and provides
use. The standards are designed to help make pesticide
penalties for illegal handling of
use safer for both people and the environment. Some
practices which were suggested for correct use in the
provides civil penalties when the
past are now required by law. These requirements
violation of a regulation is unintentional
affect areas such as record keeping, transportation,
[Fines can be as much as $5,000 for
storage and disposal procedures, entry intervals, and
each offense by commercial applicators.
filling and mixing methods. For many applicators,
An applicator may request a hearing in
these practices are already part of a regular routine.
their city or county before being fined.]
For others, some adjustment must be made to meet
provides criminal penalties when the
these requirements.
law is knowingly violated. [Commercial
applicators may be fined up to $25,000
or one year in prison, or both.]
permits states and tribes to establish
Through its Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP),
more stringent standards, but not more
EPA uses the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and
permissive standards.
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