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and builds up populations around garbage cans. They
cockroaches, the female does not develop wings, but
tolerate lower temperature ranges than other roaches
produces only short triangular wing pads. The male
and may winter in rock walls or such protected sites.
has wings, but they are short and broad, leaving about
These cockroaches are more sensitive to lack of water
l/4 of the abdomen exposed.
than other roaches.
Control and Management
Search areas of high humidity.
Habitat Alteration
Caulk all penetrations through ground
level walls.
Stop water leaks, screen equipment
overflow drains, and take overflow
water away from buildings; keep drain
traps full or capped.
Remove rotting leaves from window
Move garbage cans out of preferred
Life Cycle
moist habitat.
Eggs. The Oriental cockroach female produces an
Stop erosion that causes soil voids.
average of eight egg capsules from spring to mid-
Ventilate moist spaces.
summer. Unlike other urban cockroaches, the Oriental
roach produces only one generation per year where
Pesticide Application
temperatures are cool in winter. The egg capsule is
Many of the same insecticide applications used to
carried for little more than 24 hours, and then is
reduce American cockroaches will work for the
placed in a protected spot; it is irregularly shaped,
Oriental cockroach. Particular attention must be paid
black, 3/8 inch long, and l/4 inch wide. Eggs hatch in
to pesticide degradation due to moisture.
two months.
Nymphs. Nymphs are active from about March
through much of the summer. During this period they
Numbers observed in the spring may appear low
molt seven to ten times, and are reddish-brown to
or under control only to build-up by mid-summer.
black in color, except in the first stage when they are
pale tan. The older brown Oriental cockroach nymphs
are very difficult to distinguish from the American
cockroach nymphs.
Adults. In early spring, only adult Oriental
Periplaneta fuliginosa
The Smoky-brown cockroach is a relative of the
cockroaches are found. By late spring, nymphs are
abundant. As nymphal numbers increase, the adults die
American cockroach and resembles it in size and
shape. These cockroaches are more common in the
off and by August any adults are new ones. By fall,
southern United States and are not found in all parts of
almost the entire population is adult. Neither males nor
females fly.
the United States.
Behavior and Harborage
Adult Smoky-brown cockroaches are slightly over
Oriental cockroaches favor crawl spaces, spaces
1 inch long, and both sexes have wings that are longer
between the soil and building foundations, the
undersides of stoops and sidewalks, landscaping
than the abdomen. Their very dark-brown mahogany
color is striking; no light markings appear on the
mulches, water meters, basements and their floor
drains, and other such moist places. These cockroaches
pronotum or wings. Nymphs, like adults, are also
frequently live in floor drains that drain directly
dark-brown. Antenna1 tips of young nymphs are white,
and the base segments of the older nymphs' antennae
outside; these drains are also used as entrances to
are white.
homes. The Oriental cockroach prefers starchy food,
Module One, Chapter 2, Pg 7


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