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to keep in mind when trapping mice.
Check traps frequently. Mice are
captured alive but may die in a day or
Remember that the territory of mice
two. Some traps have a clear plastic end
rarely extends further than 30 feet from
plate or lid so you can see if any mice
the nest, and more often is about 10
have been captured.
feet. If mice are sighted throughout a
Place the traps directly against a wall or
building it means that there are
object with the opening parallel to the
numerous discrete locations where you
runway, or point the tunnel hole
will have to set traps. Place snap traps
towards the wall, leaving one or two
not only wherever you see obvious
inches of space between the trap and the
signs of mice, but look for good trap
locations in a three-dimensional sphere
If mice are active, place many traps 6-
about ten feet in diameter around those
10 feet apart. For maintenance trapping,
Mice can be living above their main
place the traps in high risk areas and
also at potential mouse entry points such
food supply in suspended ceilings,
as loading docks, near utility lines, and
attics, inside vertical pipe runs, and on
top of walk-in coolers. Or they can be
Glue Boards. Glue boards are very effective
below, in floor voids, crawl spaces, or
under  coolers  and/or processing
against mice. As with traps, placement is the key.
Locations that are good trap sites are good sites for
The best sites are those with large
glue boards.
numbers of droppings since that means
Do not put glue boards directly above
the mice are spending a lot of time
food products or in food preparation
there. Other good sites are along walls,
behind objects, and in dark corners,
Set glue boards lengthwise and flush
particularly where runways narrow
against a wall, box, or other object that
down, funneling the mice into a limited
edges a runway.
Move objects around; create new,
Good mouse baits increase a traps
narrow runways six inches wide to
effectiveness. Peanut butter, bacon,
increase the effectiveness of glue
cereal, and nuts are traditional, but one
of the best baits is a cotton ball, which
Put peanut butter or a cotton ball in the
the female mice like to use for nest
center of the board.
material. It must be tied securely to the
Place the glue boards 5 to 10 feet apart
trigger. Food baits must be fresh to be
in infested areas [closer if the
population is large].
Probably the biggest mistake made in
If no mice are captured in three days,
mouse trapping is not using enough
move the boards to new locations.
traps. Use enough to make the trapping
If a trapped mouse is alive, kill it
campaign short and sweet.
before disposal. Replace the boards if
Multiple-Catch Traps. Multiple-catch mouse traps
they fill up with insects.
catch up to 15 mice without requiring reset. Some
brands are called "wind-up" traps; the wind-up
Food Baits. Observe the same safety guidelines
mechanism kicks mice into the trap. Others use a
treadle door. Live mice must be humanely killed.
for mouse baits as discussed in the section on rat baits.
Mice like to investigate new things. They enter
Children, pets, wildlife, and domestic animals must be
the small entrance hole without hesitation. Odor plays
protected by putting the bait in inaccessible locations
a role too; traps that smell "mousy" catch more mice.
or inside tamper-proof bait boxes.
Place a small dab of peanut butter inside the tunnel
Apply many small bait placements
entrance to improve the catch.
rather than a few large placements.
Use baits labeled for mouse control.
Module Three Chapter 3, Pg 6


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