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NAVFACINST 6250.4C requires that Requisitions and Invitations for
Bid for treated wood products which deviate from the instruction be
reviewed and approved by the cognizant NAVFAC EFD Applied
Biologist prior to submission. This requirement will insure that the most
appropriate product is ordered, that current treatment specifications
are cited, and that Applied Biologists arc alerted to pending procure-
ments which may require actions to insure product quality.
Review requirements may be waived or reduced by the cognizant EFD
when an activity has been shown to be consistently receiving products of
acceptable quality. Review guidance may then be provided on an as
necessary basis to maintain acceptable product quality levels.
Whenever possible, alterations should
be made prior to the original pressure
preservative treatment!
11.1 Introduction. AWPA Standard M4 outlines recommended
practices for the care of preservative-treated wood products. The publi-
cation deals primarily with practices at the treating plant, however, the
following field recommendations are made.
11.2 Machining and Cutting, All cutting, boring and other
machining of wood should be done prior to preservative treatment as
much as possible. Cutting treated wood at the construction site exposes
untreated heartwood to wood destroying organisms.
Untreated wood, exposed by cutting, etc., at the job site should be field
treated. The same wood preservatives used to pressure treat com-
modities can often be used for treatment of field cuts or else a copper
naphthenate solution containing a minimum of two percent copper metal
can be used. For detailed information on preservatives and field applica-
tion methodology, refer to AWPA Standard M4 which includes all
treated wood products.


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