Quantcast Temperature and Moisture

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AFM 91-19 / TM 5-629 / NAVFAC MO-314
24 May 1989
They should not be stored unless special precau-
cial storage requirements and compatibility
tions are taken (figure 2-3). Chemicals with
properties as specified on the label, and sepa-
flash points of less than 100F are flammable
rately from other products and materials in
and require special handling.
storage areas.
d. A current inventory of all pesticides in
each storage unit must be posted in an inside
2-10. Temperature and Moisture:
location accessible and visible to program per-
a. Chemicals may crystallize out of solution
sonnel. This inventory will include the name(s),
at temperatures below 32F. If this happens,
listed in order of toxicity category with the
warm the products to 40F or higher and roll
appropriate signal words of each pesticide; the
the drums or shake the containers. If the crystals
number and kind of containers; and the date
return to solution, no harm has been done.
each was received.
Low-volatile esters of 2,4-D do not freeze if
e. All quantities of highly toxic and experi-
stored in unheated rooms.
mental pesticides must be secured in a lockable
b. Dusts and wettable powders cake when
storage unit with limited access.
wet, and packages may deteriorate. They present
f. Pesticides must be stored off the floor.
no problem as long as they are kept clean and
Wooden pallets should be used.
dry. Water-soluble solids also cake when wet
g. Insecticides, herbicides, fumigicides, and
and when subjected to great changes in tempera-
plant growth regulators must all be stored so as
tures. If packages are left open, hygroscopic
to prevent cross-contamination. Liquid pesticides
chemicals become wet by absorbing water from
should be stored in such a manner that a spill or
moist air. Chemicals such as chlorates, borates,
leak would not contaminate nonliquid pesticides.
and ammonium sulfamate cake when they are
Fumes from volatile herbicides can cause con-
tamination, so secure containers and adequate
ventilation must be provided.
c. Liquid formulations should be stored on
h. Pesticide containers should be stored with
pallets or duckboards to keep the metal contain-
the labels plainly visible. If containers are not in
ers from rusting. The containers should be
good condition when received, the contents
tightly closed. Air vents punched in cans to
should be placed in a suitable container and
facilitate pouring should be plugged. Even small
properly relabeled.
amounts of water introduced into emulsion con-
i. Containers should be checked regularly for
centrates or oil solutions can make them gel and
corrosion, leaks, and gas formation. If such is
cause deterioration of the container.
found, the contents should be transferred to a
sound, suitable container and be properly la-
2-11. Facilities and Procedures. Pesticides
beled or disposed of.
should be stored in a dry, well ventilated build-
j. Materials such as adsorptive clay, granu-
ing which is separate from offices and laborato-
lated activated charcoal, hydrated lime, and
ries and where fire protection is provided. Pesti-
sodium hypochlorite should be kept on hand for
cides should be protected from freezing or
emergency treatment or detoxification of spills
overheating. All pesticides in storage must be
or leaks. On discovering a spill or leak, isolate
the contaminated area and keep out all unautho-
a. Where large quantities are stored, the en-
rized personnel. Allow no smoking in the area.
tire storage facility should be secured by a fence,
Ventilate the area thoroughly. Immediately con-
and doors and gates should be kept locked to
tact your safety and health manager so pesticide
prevent unauthorized entry.
and container can be disposed of in an accept-
b. Highly visible, waterproof identification
able manner.
signs on doors, gates, buildings, and fences to
k. Adequate fresh water and soap or special
advise of the hazardous nature of contents, with
solvents for decontamination of personnel and
telephone numbers and names for additional
equipment should be available.
information, should be posted in areas where
l. Additional guidance is in Armed Forces
they will be visible.
Pest Management Board Technical Information
Memorandum 17, Pest Control Facilities.
c. Pesticides must be stored according to spe-


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