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Treatment (pounds/
Time of
Woody Plants
acre; cost/pound)
2,4-D (1-3; $2.60/lb)
Full-leaf stage and when
Most effective on such spe-
The ester formulation is more effective on woody plants
plants are actively grow-
cies as sagebrush, buck-
as a selective foliage spray that leaves grasses uninjured.
brush, chamise, manza-
Usually used in mixtures with other herbicides such as,
nita,  a n d  willow.
picloram, triclopyr, and dicamba on most brush species.
Contributes to effective-
Can be used as basal spray when mixed in fuel oil on trees
ness of mixtures with other
less than 5 inches diameter, and as notch or frill treat-
herbicides on many tree
ments. Follow all precautions to prevent drift of spray to
nontarget susceptible plants. Not persistent in soil.
Dicamba + 2,4-D(3 + 3;
Full-leaf stage and when
Many species of woody
Applied as a foliage spray. Phytotoxic amounts can be
$13.75/1b + $2.60/lb)
plants are actively grow-
plants. It is not effective
absorbed from the soil. Take particular precautions to
ing. Cut surface treatments
on such species as red ma-
prevent drift of spray to nontarget sites. Dicamba is
can be done at anytime.
usually used in mixtures with many other herbicides.
ple, red mulberry, black-
jack oak, live oak, salmon-
Different formulations are used in mixtures as basal spray
berry, and southern
and frill and cut stump treatments. Grasses will survive
treatments with dicamba and maintain ground cover.
Fosamine (8-12; $10.00/lb)
Late summer and early fall
Many woody species, in-
Used as a foliage spray on noncropland sites including
during the 2-month period
cluding: birch, blackberry,
land adjacent to domestic water supply reservoirs,
before fall leaf coloration.
black locust, pin cherry,
streams, lakes and ponds. Response to spraying is usually
red oak, salmonberry, su-
not observed until the following spring. Effectiveness may
mac, sweet gum, vine ma-
be reduced if rain occurs on the same day after spraying.
ple, Virginia pine, water
It has a half-life residual period in the soil of about 1
oak, and white oak.


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