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centralized and coordinated general management and control of the Real
Property Maintenance Activities (RPMA) Program.
5. CNO.  CNO provides implementing guidance to shore activities and evaluates
overall condition and resource requirements.  Current emphasis is to relate
condition to readiness and to contain the Navy's growing backlog of
maintenance and repair.  Current concerns are productivity responsiveness of
the public works function and base appearance. CNO Instruction 11000.16
identifies Command responsibility for shore activity land and facilities and
mandates the use of the procedures in this manual.
Major claimants are responsible for the following:
a.  Exercise command direction over activities under their cognizance to
assure implementation and continuation of Facilities Management System.
b.  Program adequate resources to assure condition and tempo of operations
commensurate with mission requirements.
Monitor activity plant condition through condition assessment such as
reported on the Annual Inspection Summary (AIS).
Relate facility conditions to readiness.
Monitor Public Works (PW) Management program effectiveness.
CNO's agent will:
a.  Provide navy-wide authoritative advice and guidance regarding
maintenance and repair of grounds, buildings, and structures (Class I and
Class II property) and related services assigned.
b.  Provide navy-wide management systems for administration of the public
works function.
c.  Establish standards and procedures for specialized administrative and
technical functions.
d.  Provide professional and technical advice, guidance, and assistance to
all levels of command.
e.  Provide Facilities Evaluation and Assistance Team (FEAT) visits as
requested through major claimants.  FEAT visits are designed to provide
assistance and technical evaluation of PW management, and facility condition.
8.  ENGINEEERING FIELD DIVISIONS (EFDs).  Engineering Field Division
Commanders/Commanding Officers will provide shore activities with professional
and technical assistance and guidance in Facilities Management System
implementation and administration and assistance for solution of technical
9.  PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT (PWD).  Shore facilities operation and maintenance
management is a Command responsibility.  Authority is delegated by the


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