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1.  FUNCTIONS AND FACTORS.  Work Classification is a type of control that
channels and prescribes the handling and management of each type of work from
inception to completion and review and appraisal.  Among the factors that
determine appropriate work classification are the fund types involved; the
probable job duration; the urgency, repetitive nature, or purpose of the work;
and the customer type.
2.  WORK CATEGORIES.  The six work categories used are:  (a) emergency work;
(b) service work; (c) minor work; (d) specific jobs; (e) standing jobs; and
(f) rework.  These categories relate to labor class codes detailed in
Chapter 5.
3.  EMERGENCY WORK.  This category of work (labor class code 02) covers
emergency situations which require immediate action to:
Prevent loss or damage to government property.
Restore essential services that have been disrupted.
Eliminate hazard to personnel.
The category emergency is assigned to the work until the emergency situation
has been alleviated.  Generally this work will be charged against a job order
number established for emergency work when charges are under 16 hours and
against appropriate facility cost account numbers when over 16 hours.  If the
work can be planned and estimated prior to completion of the job, minors or
specifics should be used for work over 16 hours.  Generally this is not the
case.  Regardless of the document used to authorize the work, it should be
coded emergency (LCC02).  This includes all work required to cover the
emergency.  Work required to correct the situation after the emergency has
been corrected should be processed according to the type of work involved.
Emergency work is initially authorized on an Emergency/Service Work
4.  SERVICE WORK.  Service Work (labor class code 01) is relatively minor in
scope, can be accomplished within 16 labor hours, is not emergency work by
nature, and does not exceed the established dollar limitation.  Service Work
is authorized on an Emergency/Service Work Authorization. For service calls
with low labor hour requirements and high material requirements that exceed
the Work Control Desk authority, the PWO/Staff Civil Engineer must decide the
relative benefits of handling the work as a service call where the charges do
not get placed against the end use cost account vice authorizing as a minor
work order where the charges do get costed against the end account.  It is
also possible to issue the work as an E/S ticket with instruction to charge to
an end use account number.
5.  MINOR WORK AUTHORIZATIONS.  Minor Work (labor class code 06) is work in
excess of that authorized by an Emergency/Service Work Authorization, and less
than that authorized by a Specific Job Order.  Minor Work Authorizations are
processed as described in Appendix B Procedure Charts 5 and 6. Minor Work is
planned and estimated, using Engineered Performance Standards (EPS) where
applicable, and scheduled on the Work Center Schedule Board.  Costs are not
collected on individual jobs, but are accumulated against a job order number


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