Quantcast Work Input Control ( WIC ) Module

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The SFI Module performs all the normal clerical functions and operations
associated with management of both the Control Inspection (CI) program for
facilities and the Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PHI) program for
installed dynamic equipment.
For both CI and PMI, a complete facility and equipment inventory,
inspection frequencies, and labor standard hours are entered into the
computer. This module produces schedules for both CIs and PMIs, with
accompanying work orders specifying inspection requirements, frequencies, and
inspection time standards.  The schedules and requirements are based on the
priorities and inspector availability which have previously been loaded into
the computer.  A listing, providing advance notice of scheduled inspections,
can be produced for customers or other activity departments.  Feedback from
these listings may be a valid basis for schedule revision.  After the final
schedule is approved, the system generates the inspection work orders.  Upon
completion, the actual labor hours expended on these work orders can be
matched to the original schedule to produce performance reports and listings
of omitted inspections.
The system can be queried at any time and management reports generated
upon demand.  This flexibility provides management an effective tool to
ascertain the current condition of any facility or piece of equipment.
Overall, this leads to better work scheduling, project selection, and
The BEST system's WIC module performs all normal clerical operations
associated with monitoring work requests.  It allows rapid data entry and
retrieval, and generates management reports on demand.  The module provides a
means for the PWD to control the planned utilization of manpower resources as
well as the definition, scheduling, and accomplishment of all work processed
by the Facilities Management Engineering Division.  This is done by providing
Public Works Management with the ability to access the current status of work
requests and job orders through each stage of their life.
The possibilities for control include:
Screening individual jobs for necessity
Determining the relative urgency (Priority)
Programming work through the planning phase
Authorizing the work
Maintaining balanced workload for each resource pool
Assuring proper completion of jobs
WIC tracks work requests and job orders from the time they are submitted
until the work is completed by means of its four submodules.
Work Identification and Status
Shopload Planning
Operating Plan
Contract Status


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