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a. Submit material lists in duplicate, for approved job orders, prepared
in sufficient detail to insure full and proper identification of materials.
The lists should specify the data materials required, normally using a lead
time of four weeks or the lead time specified by local directive, and should
be signed by an authorized Public Works Department representative.  The Supply
Department is authorized to obligate a 10 percent increase on material
reservations to cover price increases on the entire material list, except that
on local purchase items the 10 percent limitations apply on a line item basis.
b.  Furnish supplementary information on material lists as required,
advise on substitutions, and assist in identification and inspection of
c.  Draw, receive, and return materials promptly, as appropriate or
Provide adequate physical security for materials issued.
e. Provide adequate administrative controls to assure that materials are
used on the jobs to which they were originally charged.
27.  COST RECORDING AND REPORTING.  Material cost recording is the Supply
Department's responsibility. Reporting of, and accounting for, material costs
are Fiscal Office responsibilities.  The continued cooperation of both is
needed for accurate and timely material cost reporting.  As noted in the
NAVCOMPT Manual, NAVSO P-1000, it is most important that job orders be closed
out and reported on Tabulated Report B promptly upon completion of the work.
Therefore, in many instances it will be necessary to use material commitments
or obligations data rather than to delay reporting final job costs pending
receipt of final expenditure data.  For example, this procedure may be used
frequently for direct-procurement material that comes from outside purchase
sources when the Fiscal Office must await the arrival of an abstracted public
voucher from the Navy Regional Finance Office.  Separate cost reporting is
generally in effect for shop-stores material and direct-procurement material.
Change (1) July 1987


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