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1.1 PURPOSE. This manual is a guide for personnel
who operate, inspect, test, certify, assess the condition
of, and maintain shore facilities and equipment. It
provides criteria, standards and procedures for develop-
ment and implementation of a comprehensive Inspec-
tion/Assessment System.
1.2 OBJECTIVE. The objectives are to:
(1) systematically identify deficiencies,
(2) recommend action that will correct
deficiencies and/or impede advancing deterioration,
(3) maintain facilities and systems at a level
consistent with mission.
1.3 DISCUSSION. Facility acquisition costs are minuscule in comparison to life cycle
maintenance costs associated with facility ownership. While design and construction are
challenging and rewarding from the aspect of satisfying a real facility need, there is little
glamour for the facility manager who must make the difficult daily funding decisions
that keep the same facilities operational. There is little awareness of cost of ownership
and various maintenance strategies which need to be coupled to establish and achieve
facility life extension goals. Knowledge of facility condition is critical to an effective
facility manager and this knowledge can only be attained by facility inspection. A dedi-
cated inspection effort is vital to properly identify Real Property maintenance and
repair deficiencies which will potentially impact mission or degrade plant investment.
This manual outlines methods to identify and quantify deficiencies and their mission im-
pact. Inspection by-products are: (1) an accurate assessment of facility condition and
the potential impact on readiness by Investment Category/Base Readiness Mission
Category (BASEREP) and (2) identification of resource needs for budget planning pur-
poses. Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) requires each major claimant to provide a
facility condition assessment (BASEREP), OPNAVINST 3501.167 (series) and Annual
Inspection Summary (AIS), OPNAV 11010.34 (series) annually. Overall Navy assess-
ments are then prepared by OPNAV which portray the long-term impact of resource al-
location decisions. Assessments and resource allocation decisions are adjusted annually
for a six-year projection (Future Years Defense Plan - FYDP).
1.4 SCOPE. This is the first of three volumes which describes investigations and
evaluations needed to effectively manage facilities and equipment (excluding transporta-
tion) for which Public Works is responsible. These volumes contain no instant magical
solution to Facility Management and condition problems. They do, however, provide a


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