Quantcast Facility and Equipment Inventories

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The Facilities Management Program includes as a minimum:
l Conducting a continuous, comprehensive inspection of Real
Property Assets to identify and quantify condition. Maintenance
and Repair work generated from continuous inspection shall
constitute a minimum of 65% of the nonrecurring work
programmed for accomplishment. The Continuous Inspection
Program is comprised of 3 types of inspection: Control, Preventive
Maintenance and Operator. These are discussed in this volume.
l Training personnel to conduct accurate inspections using approved
l Establishing and maintaining a Preventive Maintenance Inspection
(PMI) program for dynamic equipment.
l Establishing and conducting an Operator Inspection program for
equipment and facilities requiring a full time operator.
l Initiating proper and responsive action to correct deficiencies.
l Preparing and submitting an AIS and required assessments to
higher authority which accurately reflects facility condition.
l Preparing, maintaining and using maintenance plans developed
from a budget based on requirements identified via a
comprehensive Continuous Inspection Program.
l Ensuring that Minor Construction/Alteration work, including
planning and design, does not interfere with or consume resources
needed to plan, estimate or accomplish Maintenance and Repair
work. OPNAV Instruction 11000.16 states that expenditures for
Minor Construction and Alteration (less Equipment Installation)
shall not normally exceed 10% of the total claimant expenditures
for Maintenance of Real Property (MRP) without prior approval of
CNO (OP-44).
Reducing the level of maintenance on facilities to be demolished,
renovated, replaced or not fully utilized. Maintenance standards,
including safety, shall be appropriate to use.
l Making inspectors aware of environmental and energy/utilities
conservation program goals and instructing them to document
deficiencies accordingly. Facility and Equipment Inventories. Accurate inventories are
critical. Essential Class I and II property inventory, including items of dynamic equip-
ment, must be accurately maintained. A facilities manager must know which assets re-
quire maintenance, their location, amount of maintenance needed and relative
importance of the asset to mission.


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