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quality product is received and the contract is properly administered.
There are advantages and disadvantages to contractor inspections. Advantages include:
n Obtaining a one-time comprehensive inspection to supplement in-house
n A more liberal approach and identification of long-range Special Project
scope repairs.
n Obtaining an outsider's view of facility conditions and incorporation of
repair by replacement philosophy vice the potential for a "scrape, patch
and paint" approach.
Disadvantages include:
n Lengthy contract processing time.
n Assigning work tasks to administer and monitor the contract.
n Dependency on contractor inspections for AIS data.
n Abandoning the Control Inspection Program as a means to generate work
on a continuous basis for shop/contract accomplishment.
n Loss of corporate facility knowledge and familiarity.
n Public Works/Customer relationships may suffer as a result of less
frequent interface.
The volume of one-time inspection data is often overwhelming causing
the product to not be properly used.
n Delegation of responsibility for classifying deficiencies as Critical or
Deferrable to the contractor.
n The expense of contractor assistance is normally three to five times
in-house cost.
n Difficulty of monitoring thoroughness of crawl space and attic inspections.
An alternative to total contract inspection is contract inspection of selected facilities
with remaining inspections done in-house. This enables the activity to select mission es-
sential and/or facilities which are difficult to inspect for contract inspection thus ensur-
ing comprehensive coverage overall. Examples might be: infra-red inspection of
electrical panels; infra-red roof inspection by aircraft.
Contract inspection should be viewed as an alternative only if there is insufficient in-
house inspection personnel or expertise is limited in certain areas.


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