Quantcast Overall Condition of Facilities

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(4) Copies To. Indicate by abbreviated titles those Commands, or Offices
to whom copies of this report are to be forwarded.
(5) Sheet. Show sheet number and total number of sheets in report.
(6) Owner, Lessee or Contractor. Check appropriate box and provide name
and address of owner, lessee or contractor.
(7) Lease or Contract No. Show lease or contract number, if applicable.
If none, insert "None." For purpose of this report, licenses and permits are considered
(8) Type of Plant. Check appropriate box.
(9) Inspection Party. List members of inspection party by name, title and
the organization they represent.
(10) DOD Plant Number. If this property has been assigned a DOD plant
number, show that number. If none, insert "None."
(11) Planned Mobilization Product. Indicate the product planned for
production in this plant when mobilization occurs.
(12) Overall Condition of Facilities. Check the appropriate box for this
report and also check the appropriate box for the condition reported in the previous
(13) Reactivation. Show the estimated dollar cost and mandays necessary
to place the facilities, not including production equipment, in the proper condition to
produce the planned mobilization product. These entries should be the same as the sum
total of Columns 27 and 28. If these estimates for reactivation have been repeated from
the previous reports, notation shall be made to that effect.
(14) Use. If the plant is being used for its intended purpose, that is, the
production of a product similar to the planned mobilization product, place a check mark
in the YES box. If not, place a check mark in the NO box.
(15) Sponsoring Command. Check the appropriate box. If necessary, insert
the brief title of the major claimant.
(16) Corrective Measures Taken Since Last Report. Provide a brief
statement as to corrective measures taken and maintenance accomplished since the pre-
vious inspection. Discrepancies from the requirements of the lease or sales contract


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