Quantcast Long Range Maintenance Planning

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Long Range Maintenance Planning (LRMP) is a management system based on com-
prehensive facility inspections and accurate cost estimates. The control inspection sys-
tem provides the framework for the development of the Long Range Maintenance
Planning system. Both provide guidelines for systematic, in-depth documentation of
maintenance and repair requirements forecasted over a multi-year planning cycle. The
LRMP system of inspection not only provides for in-depth inspection but inventory of
facility components and installed equipment. It also provides additional emphasis on re-
search, summarization and analysis.
Inventory of plant and equipment is the basic foundation block of the maintenance
management system. Control inspection does not emphasize the inventory phase and
listing of building systems and components as LRMP does. The inventory data collected
in the performance of LRMP inspections provides planning engineers with a listing of
facility systems and components such as numbers of doors, windows, light fixtures, etc.
The initial collection of this inventory is labor intensive.
Activities that utilize Control Inspection or Long Range Maintenance Planning inspec-
tions are in a better position to formulate funding strategies and to allocate resource dol-
lars. The KEY is to inspect, plan, and respond to the critical mission needs and future
facility requirements.
A. Document unfunded deficiencies and project system failures
B. Project budget and ceiling requirements
C. Produce an Annual Inspection Summary based on valid comprehensive
inspections, and a Budget plan addressing those deficiencies
D. Provide a dedicated inspection workforce
The LRMP process includes, but is not limited to, the following components:
Appendix G-1


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