Quantcast Boilers-Continued - mo322_20097

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n  Maximum allowable Working Pressure: Recalculate:
n  Firing Equipment: improper or inefficient operation:
n Controls:
inability to maintain proper steam pressure or water temperature
and air-fuel ratio throughout capacity range of boiler with load
swings of the rapidity encountered in operation
improper programming sequence and timing
improper cutoff of fuel supply; inability to maintain proper water
level or to operate cutoff devices
Test flue gas for CO
Check air-fuel ratio with CO2 and O2 measuring devices
n Steam and Water Piping:
excessive vibration
tendency to crystallize
n Water Columns and Gage Glasses: restricted connections:
n Steam Gages:
stuck pointer
restricted movement of pointer
obstructed connections
n Temperature Indicating Devices: excessive temperatures indicated,
particularly during and immediately after high load demands:
n Blow-Off Valves:
restricted openings
excessively worn or otherwise defective
n Stop and Check Valves:
excessive vibration
ineffective or defective operation


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