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specifications, and other controlling rules and regulations such as National Electric
Code, National Electrical Safety Code, and United States Navy Safety Precautions for
Shore Activities, NAVSO P-2455, require grounding for operational and personnel
safety. Proper operation of grounding systems for Ordinance Storage Facilities is espe-
cially important
Instruments - includes electrical AC and DC indicating, recording, and portable instru-
ments and associated equipment used for measurement of electrical power quantities
Lighting - all the devices that produce light in or around the facility, going from the
panel to the light
Motors and Generators - includes AC and DC electric motors, generators, exciters,
M-G sets, synchronous converters and condensers, other electrical rotating equipment
Panels - breaker boxes that have one power input and usually many distribution output
lines. Panel types are:
Primary - the main power coming into a facility going into the primary panel
Secondary - the second source of power coming into a facility. This will be rated
equal to or less than that of the primary panel
Sub - panels off the primary or secondary panel. Note in the comment area if these
panels serve other panels
Potheads - includes electrical potheads used in power distribution systems, including
potheads used as terminals of underground cables as well as those incorporated as ter-
minals of equipment and a part thereof
Power Plants - includes electrical equipment and apparatus in electric power generating
plants of the station type
Relays - Protective relays located in electrical power circuits only. It does not include
relays used to protect or control utilization equipment. Inspection is limited to those
aspects that relate to care rather than to the operating characteristics of relays
Steel Power Poles and Structures - Steel power poles and towers, metallic street light-
ing standards, A-frames, and all other steel structures used to support electric power
lines or equipment, including those used for transmission lines, distribution systems, sub-
stations, and switching stations


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