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MO-327 CHG 94-01
Attachment J-C17.  A separate checklist for each inspection
shall be completed and submitted to the Contracting Officer
within three-working days of each inspection.
Contract Discrepancy Report.  the Contracting Officer may
send a Contract Discrepancy Report" to the contractor,
listing deficiencies in the contractor's work.
contractor shall inform the Contracting Officer in writing
within three (3) calendar days of the receipt of the report
of the action the contractor proposes to tak e to remedy the
deficiencies and the measure the contractor plans to adopt
to insure that similar deficiencies will not reoccur in the
Material Submittals.  The contractor shall submit shop
drawings, manufacturer's data, samples, material lists, and
other required data in accordance with the specification
prior to incorporating the material in the work.
Contractor's Personnel Certification.  Personnel involved in
pesticide handling, transportation,, mixing, and application
shall be certified in accordance with Federal, State, and
local laws and requirements.  The certification shall be
submitted prior to beginning work.
Pa roll Records and Documentation.  The contractor shall
sub mit payroll records and documentation in accordance with
FAR 52.222-43 and 52.222-44.
Modification Proposals. Propos a l s for contract modification
shall be submitted in accordance with DFARS 252.243-7001.
Pest Control Records and Reports.  The contractor shall
prepare and submit daily  records of all pest control
operations (Attachment J -C9) in accordance with paragraph
Performance Evaluation.  The Government may, at its
discretion, prepare evaluation reports on the contractor's
The contractor may b e periodically requested
to comment on these reports in writing.
3-540  Section B, Supplies or Services and Prices/Costs. Bid
schedules are pre a r e d in accordance with the format shown in the
Uniform Contract F ormat (UCF) Guide.
In the case of firm fixed price/indefinite quality contracts, the
firm fixed price (lump sum)  art of the contract includes all the
work to be performed under the contract, with the exception of
the work included in the schedule of indefinite quantity
In the indefinite quality part of the contract, the contractor
agrees to perform the work on an "as ordered basis" and a price
to perform each contract re quirement on a price per occurrence as
established in the bid schedule.
The schedule of firm fixed price work may  be prepared in any one
of the three formats.  It may be prepared as:


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