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3-632 Pricing Requirements.  An estimate is prepared of the total cost of
the contract to the Government.  This estimate includes all contractor
furnished labor, equipment, and materials, together with allowances for the
contractor's overhead and profit and corresponds to the Government's
estimate of the bid amount of the successful contractor.  The estimate is
referred to as the Independent Government Estimate (IGE). In the course of
developing the IGE, the cost of each contract requirement shown on the EPRS
is determined.
The unit chosen should correspond to the unit of work which can be observed
in the field.  Inaddition, consideration shall be given to using the unit
of work which the particular construction trade typically uses, unless there
are compelling reasons for not doing so. Square feet (S.F.) are used for
the removal and installation of vinyl covered wall covering shown in Figure
The pricing requirements in the EPRS are used to prepare the bid schedule
and as a check on the reasonableness of the prices bid.
3-633 Surveillance Requirements . A quality assurance (QA) plan including
surveillanceguides (SGs) for each contract requirement or group of contract
requirements, including indefinite quantity contract requirements, must be
prepared at the same time the PWS is prepared. The number of the SG and the
principal n&hod of surveillance for each contract requirement is taken from
the EPRS as shown on Figure 3-11.  QA plans are discussed in detail in
Chapter 4.
3-640 Performance Requirements Summary . As shown in Figure 3-11, the
EPRS consists of two principal sections. The first section consists of the
performance requirement summary which shows the contract requirement and
the performance requirements. The second section consists of the pricing
requirements and the surveillance requirements. The performance
requirements summary (PRS) is included, as a matter of policy, as part of
the contract documents in the case of all facility support contracts written
in the uniform contract format  However, because contracts written in the
CSI format typically are indefinite quantity (IQ) contracts, and in many
instanceswork requirements are not specified, the inclusionof a PRS in a
contract in the CSI format may sometimes be of limited utility and is
considered optional.
3-650 CSI Format- Divisions and Sections. The CSI format for
specifications consists of 16 divisions with titles and numbers that are
fixed as shown below.  In addition to the 16 divisions, there is also a
Division 0 called Bidding and Contract requirement.  The contract includes
the Standard Construction Contract Clauses prescribed by NAVFACENGCOM and
all the items listed in the Contracting Manual P-68 at Subpart 14.2,
Solicitation of Bids.
3-651 Divisions. The sixteen divisions of the CSI format are as follows:,
Division 1 - (General Requirements
Division 2 - Site Work


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