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Divisions cont'd.
Division 3 - Concrete
Division 4 - Masonry
Division 5 - Metals
Division 6 - Wood and Plastics
Division 7 - Thermal and Moisture Protection
Division 8 - Doors and Windows
Division 9 -Finishes
Division 10 - Specialties
Division 11 - Equipment
Division 12 -- Furnishings
Division13 --Special Construction
Division 14 - Conveying Systems
Division 15 - Mechanical
Division16 - Electrical
Division 1 typically includes
3-652 Division 1. General Requirements.
information on the following items:
Summary of Work
Abbreviations and Symbols
Project Meetings
Quality Control
Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing of Systems
This listing is not all inclusive, but is included to give an idea of the
scope of the General Paragraphs.
Division 1 includes a specification for quality control numbered 01400 in
accordance with the standard numbering system prescribed by the Construction
Specifications Institute. (The standard numbers are given in "MASTERFORMAT"
published by the Construction Specification Institute.)  In accordance with
the Contracting Manual P-68 the clause "Inspection of Construction (FAR
52.246-12)" is included by reference in the contract.
3-653 Division 2-16. A series of sections has been developed for each
division by the Construction Specifications Institute and is publish& in
"MASTERFORMAT" by the Institute.
For example, Division 9 - FINISHES isdivided into sections as shown in
Figure 3-12.  The bold face type identifies "Broadscope" Section Titles and
the lighter type identifies the narrowscope section titles. A narrowscope
section title is a specific unit of work related to the broadscope section
title such as Section 09951 Vinyl-Coated Fabric Wall Covering, or Section
09954 Wallpaper, which are units of work related to the broadscope section
09950 WALL COVERING.  In general, broadscope titles are used on less complex
work and narrowscope titles are used where a greater number of sections are
used for clarity.  Section titles developed by the CSI are not mandatory.
They are preferred titles presented in a preferred sequence.  However, every


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