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attempt should be made to use the titles as shown. There will be times when
it is necessary to modify or add titles to convey a particular meaning for a
particular project.
As an example, assume that a specification is required for vinyl coated wall
covering. By checking the Masterformat (See Figure 3-l2), the broadscope
section is 09950 WALL COVERING in DIVISION 9 - FINISHES.  Checking down the
listing under the broadscope section, the appropriate narrowscope section is
found as 09951 Vinyl-Coated Fabric Wall Covering. This task may also be
accomplished on the computer using CCB/SPECSINTACT.
Having determined the correct name and number for the specification, the
next step is to determine the availability of a NAVFACENGCOM Guide
Specification (NFGS).  Checking the Index of NFGS, a specification is found
for Vinyl-Coated Wall Covering, numbered NFGS-09951.  The text of this
specification should be reviewed and edited as necessary to suit the
particular project for which specifications are being prepared. A copy of
the NFGS is available on the CCB/SPECSINTACT system. Note that the text of
the NFGS, edited as necessary, must be included in the contract documents
and may not be included by reference.  A copy of the NFGS for vinyl coated
wall covering is contained in Appendix E to further illustrate the CSI
The specification for vinyl coated wall covering is numbered 09951 and this
number is used for the wall covering specification in the PWS. Note that
the number 09951, the CSI number, is not changed to suit the numbering
system of the PWS.
In a similar manner, other standard specifications related to the work are
located and modified to suit the project and are incorporated into the PWS.
If a NFGS is not available, it may be possible to locate a specification
prepared by another agency such as the Army, the Air Force, or NASA,
contained in the CCB/SPECSINTACT System. The General services
Administration (GSA) and the Veterans Administration also publish
specifications.  In the private sector, specifications are available for a
fee.  Private sector specifications including MASTERSPEC are available from
the AIA Service Corporation.


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