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(b)  It includes appropriate use of the various types of inspection
including 100% inspection, planned sampling, random sampling, validated
customer complaints, and incidental or unscheduled inspections.
(c) It provides a structure appropriate to surveillance that permits
management control of QA.
4-220 Quality Assurance Criteria There are several criteria for good QA.
(a) The PWS (including the PRS) must be written so that the quantity
and quality of the contract requirements are measurable. The development of
the PWS and the QA plan should be viewed as a single process. These
documents are interrelated; one defines contract and performance
requirements, while the other defines how contract requirements will be
observed and measured.
(b)  QA must provide for adequate and affordable contract surveillance.
The depth and detail of surveillance should be geared to the relative
importance of the services monitored.
(c)  QA must have the potential to support corrective action taken by
the Contracting Officer when nonperformance or unsatisfactory performance
(d) The nature of the QA program will depend on whether the performance
work statement (PWS) is performance oriented or procedure oriented. When
the PWS is performance oriented, the focus of attention is on the
contractor's output or end product. These types of outputs are expressed as
"Contract Requirements," such as service calls or change of occupancy
maintenance, and the actual procedures or methods required to achieve the
contract requirement are left to the contractor's discretion. Although a
performance oriented PWS is preferred, it may be necessary on some occasions
to specify the procedures or methods the contractor must employ in achieving
anoutput, in which case the QA program will focus on the contractor's
adherence to the procedures and methods specified in the PWS.
(e)  The contractor's compliance with the contract terms is monitored by
the Government during the course of the contract. The performance
requirements are summarized in the performance requirements summary section
of the expanded performance requirements summary (see Figure 4-l). Each
contract requirement has a subset of work requirements. These work
requirements may be expressed in terms of quality of work, timeliness, and,
in some cases, documentation. Alternative work requirements may be
specified where appropriate.  Onoccasion, no separate work requirement may
be appropriate, in which case the description of the work requirement and
the contract requirement would correspond. The standards of performance are
referenced in the PRS to the applicable paragraphs in Section C of the
specifications.  The maximum allowable defect rate (MADR) for each work
requirement is also specified as part of the performance requirements.
(f) When observation of the contractor's performance shows that the
contractor is not performing in accordance with the performance requirements


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