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incumbent contractor, to a new contractor or to government personnel. The
following factors should be considered in planning the phase-out:
(a) Termination of access to the base for contractor's personnel and
equipment including access to work areas, storage and lay down are areas and
(b) Removal of a contractor owned property from the base.
Cancellation of security clearances and surrender of passes.
(d) Transfer of Government furnished property (GFP) not incorporated
into the work from the contractor to the Government or to a new contractor.
(e) Transfer of records, drawings, and operations and maintenance
manuals to the Government or to the new contractor.
(f)  Transfer of utilities to the Government or the new contractor, and
final billing to the departing contractor.
(g) Transfer of contract quality control (QC) files to the Government
if required by the contract.
(h) Transfer of equipment maintenance history files to the Government
of the new contractor, if required by the contract.
(i)  orderly transfer of watchstanding and critical service
requirements, such as boiler room operations or crash/rescue response, to
no loss in continuity of service.
6-210 Pre-performance Conference. A pre-performance conference between
the Government and the contractor provides an excellent opportunity to
ensure initial understanding and to identify and resolve potential
problems.  A mutual understanding between the contractor and government
personnel on all contractual requirements is an essential key to successful
contractor performance.
The pre-performance conference should be attended, on behalf of the
Government, by the Contracting Officer, the facility support contract
manager (FSCM), the quality assurance evaluators (QAEs), the base safety
officer, the functional manager(s) of the receiving activity, and if
appropriate, the security officer.  The contractor should at minimum be
represented by his project manager and the individual responsible for
quality control (QC).
Careful consideration should be given to the contents of the agenda and a
copy of the agenda should be circulated in advance. Items for inclusion in
the agenda include:


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