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The quality assurance evaluator (QAE) or other person delegated to conduct
the interview should conduct the interview in relative privacy. The
interview form should never be just given to the employee to be picked up
later by the QAE.  employee's interview statement is not to be shown to
the contractor without the employee's written permission.  Discussionwith
the employee should be kept to a minimum, and the employee should not be
informed of any apparent irregularities in his pay rate.
The QAE should understand that the employee has a right not to answer
questions under the Privacy Act of 1974.  However, he is required to provide
the QAE with his name and the name of his employer.
If the employee refuses to answer questions, the interview form should be
filled out as follows:
(a) List the employee's name.
(b) List the contract number.
(c) List the prime contractor's name.
(d)  List the name of the subcontractor, if applicable; obtain from
prime contractor if unknown.
(e) List the name of the employee's supervisor; obtain from prime
contractor if unknown.
(f) Describe the work the employee was doing at the time of the
(g) Note the fact that the employee refused to answer to questions.
The QAE should keep a record of the interviews conducted and inform the
contracting Officer via the facility support contract manager (FSCN) of any
suspected wage discrepancies.
6-460 Other Performance Elements.
6-461 General.  In addition to evaluating the contractor's work, quality
control, and compliance with labor and safety standards there may be
additional performance elements depending upon the specific circumstances of
the procurement. The following are examples of additional performance
(a) Preparation of Schedules.  The contractor may be required by the
contract to submit schedules for the performance of his work. Typical
examples of such schedules are schedules for garbage pickups, preventive
maintenance, or janitorial services.  These schedules should be analyzed for
completeness and conformance with the contract.  The receipt of the
schedules and their acceptability must be recorded by the QAE. If schedules
are unsatisfactory, they should be returned to the contractor for


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