Quantcast Primer, Sealer, and Adhesive

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FS CCC-W-408, Type [I Light Duty)] [II Medium Duty)] [III Heavy Duty)],
mildew resistant with a minimum total weight of [7] [13] [22] ounces per
square yard, and a minimum coating weight of [5] [7] [12] ounces
yard. [A polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film, 0.0005-inch thick conforming to FS
L-P-1040, Type I, Grade B, Class 2, shall be factory applied over the face of
the wall covering.]
Pattern and Color
NOTE:  See Note C located at rear of text.
[As directed] [Shall be pattern [
], color [
Primer, Sealer, and Adhesive
Shall be mildew resistant, nonstaining to the wearing surface, and of the
type supplied or recommended by the wall covering manufacturer.
2.1.4 Cap Molding
NOTE:  Delete if cap molding is not required. A metal, plastic, or wood
molding is normally required for wainscot installations. The drawings should
include whether metal, plastic, or wood molding is required.  If details of
cap molding are shown on the drawings, this paragraph should be edited
[As indicated] [Shall be 1/2-to 1-inch high, feathered at the bottom edge,
3/16-inch exposed face on the top edge, and grooved to receive the wall
Corner Guard
NOTE:  Plastic corner guards provide limited protection to the wall covering
and should be specified for external corners subject to heavy pedestrian
traffic or moderate mechanical abuse. Where functional use of a facility
indicates the need for more substantial protection, the use of vinyl-coated
wall covering may not be advisable or a system of wall guards and high impact
resistant corner guards may be required.
Shall be clear acrylic plastic angle with [1 1/8] [
]-inch legs, [4]
] feet long, surface mounted.


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