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MO-327 CHG 94-01
performance of that requirement (Contractor's Rating) is satisfactory . If the
ODR is less than l/2 of the MADR the QAE should recommend to the FSCM to
notify the Contractor that performance is excellent and to keep up the good
work.  Consider whether or not to change the level of surveillance base d on
the criteria in  paragraph 5 above.  Payment deductions will be made for all
documented defect s, as calculated on the MONTHLY PAYMENT ANALYSIS FORM.
b.  If the ODR for a work requirement is greater than the MADR,
performance of that requirement is unsatisfactory and the QAE should recommend
Fo the FSCM that a ODR be issued to the Contractor, or that stronger action be
taken.  Retain or return to the normal level of surveillance during  the coming
evaluation period (see paragraph 5 above).  Payment deductions will be made as


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