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MO-327 CHG 94-01
in NAVFAC MO-327 or by use of a calculator or computer which has the capacity
to generate random numbers.  In order to determine to which specific space
cleanings the randomly selected numbers correspond, a number matrix may be
used which assigns a specific number to each space cleaning to be performed
during the evaluation period.  As the date and location of each s pace cleaning
is ta k en from the matrix, it will be recorded on the QAE's inspec t ion schedule
for the evaluation period.
8. Evaluation Procedures.  During the evaluation period the QAE will utilize
the inspection schedule to determine the date and l ocation of the work to be
evaluated.  A visit will be made to the approriate location as soon after the
work has been performed as possible in order t o insure the evaluation isn't
biased by  changed conditions.  A pre-printed EVALUATION WORK SHEET (example
attached) will be completed at the time of the evaluation of the service.
Validated Customer Complaints.  All customers (building monitors)
will be given a telephone number th rough which they can promptly report
complaints.  When a complaint is received, it will be recorded on a customer
complaint record form with the following information:
(1) Date and time of receip t of complaint.
(2) Customer's name and telephone number.
(3) Location and nature of complaint.
The QAE will notify the Contractor of complaints received or make arrang ements
for the Contractor to  pick up copies of complaints at a prescribed loca t ion
and time.
The QAE will assume the work has been satisfactorily completed if
the building monitor hasn't called back by a prescribed time.  If the building
monitor reports that the Contractor still hasn't performed satisfactorily. the
QAE will:
(4) Evaluate the complaint.
(5) Determine the reason for any defective work.
(6) Report the results of the evaluation on the customer
complaint record form.
(7) Report the results of the evaluation to the customer.
(8) Inform the Contractor of any corrective action necessary.
(9) Record any corrective action on customer complaint record
Occasionally, the QAE may need to validate complaints as soon as possible
after they are received t o insure that daily operations have not affected site
b. Unscheduled Inspections.  If defective conditions are discovered
which are not p art of the randomly selected inspections, a separate EVALUATION
WORK SHEET wil lbe annotated with the same information as a regular work
sheet, noting this is an unscheduled inspection.  When a trend in defects is
noted during the course of regular scheduled inspections. unscheduled
inspections may also be used t o determine the magnitude of the defects for
this specific work item.
At the end of the month the QAE will summarize the
9. Analysis of Results
results of the month's inspections and calculate ODRs and recommended payment
ANALYSIS FORM is attached.
If the ODR for a work requirement is equal to or less than the MADR,


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