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The following sections are in the same order as the Inspection Checklist near the
end of this chapter. It is suggested you read through the procedures before using
the checklist. This will reduce confusion about what the checklist requires.
3.1.1 Solar Collectors,
Collector glazings should be unbroken, clean and without internal condensation.
A broken glazing has a serious effect on collector performance, and should be
repaired immediately. The interior of the collector must be protected from the
Even without a glazing, the absorber plate can be hot enough to
cause serious burns.
If you cover the broken collector with plastic, be sure to
support it well enough to keep it from sagging and touching the
absorber plate. Even without a glazing, the plate can get hot
enough to melt the plastic onto the plate. Consider using an
opaque plastic such as black.
The system can remain operational, unless an object which broke the glazing also
hit the absorber plate hard enough to cause a leak.
Whenever a broken glazing is found, and no obvious cause exists, check the
collector frame dimensions carefully. An out-of-square or otherwise faulty collector
will repeatedly break glazings during hot weather.


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