Quantcast Control and Wiring

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Control and Wiring
OK Repair
Sensor wiring secured
Line voltage electrical connections all secure
Control operates correctly when tested with jumpers or
control tester*
Pump turns on and off properly during control test
Sensor resistances appropriate*
Storage Tank
OK Repair
Drain valve opens and closes properly
No evidence of leakage or corrosion
T & P valve installed and discharge properly piped
Collectors and Exterior Piping (to be done when climbing to roof for other purposes)
OK Repair
Glazings unbroken, clean (Do not clean when hot!)
Frames tight, no evidence of corrosion, square
Mounting hardware secure to collectors and roof, tight
Lightning protection, if used, is secure
Frame grounded to absorber piping
Sensor wires secure
Collectors unshaded, no new growth of trees or bushes
Insulation complete, weatherproof, secure
Hangers supporting piping properly without stress
No evidence of leakage
* Check the system's operation and maintenance manual, or this manual's
appendices for more information.


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